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The simplicity in design and method of operation of all Puritan Machines provide inherent reliability and ease of maintenance. Puritan Arm Machines are specifically designed for "off the arm" or "up the arm" single and multiple needle stitching. Circumferential and longitudinal stitching of tubular shaped articles (such as golf bags and filters) is done with these machines. Those Puritan Arm Machines with a post offer unique capability for difficult to reach stitching areas in luggage, bags, cases and sporting goods. The OS Small Arm Cylinder Machine is the heaviest duty multi-needle machine available anywhere for circumferential stitching of tubular articles with small cross section (such as hunting boots). 
Puritan NS 8500 XL Low Post Machine, Table Mounted
NS 8500 XL
Low Post Complete
Table Mounted
Puritan NS 8500 XL Low Post Machine, Stand Mounted
NS 8500 XL
Auto Low Post
Complete, Stand Mounted
Puritan XL Low Post Machine
NS 8500 XL
Low Post
Head with Belt Guard
Puritan 36 Inch Alligator Machine
OS 36"
Head Only
(21" arm also available)
Puritan 36 Inch XL Cylinder Machine 
OS 36" XL
(11.5" arm also available)
Puritan OS Small Arm Cylinder Machine
OS Auto 
Small Arm Cylinder

Typical Stitch pattern on Boot
Using Puritan Three Needle Small Arm Cylinder Machine
Typical Puritan OS Small Arm Cylinder stitching

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