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High Post
Low Post
Puritan Chain Stitching Machines have given reliable service in some of the toughest heavy duty applications since 1893. We've designed them with a heavy frame and rugged load carrying stitching members to ensure accurate stitching. All component parts and accessories are long lasting and reliable. 

In addition to the standard features offered, we pride ourselves on meeting special requests. If you need a higher post, a wider throat or special mounting for your machine, Puritan can produce it. You may choose from a wide range of attachments, or optional stands and tables, to tailor our standard machines to your production demands. 

All Puritan Machines are available complete or as heads only with or without selected accessories.

Original Style (OS) &
New Style (NS) Machine Features
Heavy Duty Capability: can stitch through 3/32" aluminum, 3/8" plywood or 3/4" leather layers, with 3/4" or more penetration in advanced models.
Needle and Awl Stitching: awl penetrates work and withdraws prior to needle entry. Result: extra heavy duty stitching capability.
High Productivity: chain stitch permits higher operating speeds of up to 1800 stitches per minute or more, depending upon application. 
No Bobbin: means no down time for bobbin refilling or replacement. 
Needle Feed: positive advancement of work with braced needle. No abrading of stitched material. 
Multi-Needle (Row) Capability: up to four rows or more, depending upon application. Variety of needle spacings available. 
Needle Size: broad range from .040"(lmm) to .100"(2.5mm). 
Stitch Regulator: provides normal range of 3 to 12 stitches per inch. 
Wax Reservoir: high capacity for lubrication and setting of stitch. 
Optional Drive Motors: cover the entire range of voltages and frequencies for worldwide application. Select from standard industrial motors and programmable multi-function stop needle positioning motors for higher operating efficiency. 
Optional Pneumatic Presser Foot Lift System: improves productivity and reduces labor cost.
Optional Stitching Plates: for converting post models to "mini flat-bed" machines.
Additional Innovative Features for Puritan New Style (NS) Machines 

Puritan's newer generation of stitching machines combines the design excellence of our Original Style (OS) machines with up-to-date technology. You get the same rugged dependability with features such as: 

Main Shaft Ball Bearings Sealed and lubricated for life. 
External Stitch Regulator Calibrated for quicker changeover. 
Integral Wax Reservoir For ease of cleaning. 
Automatic Lubrication for most wearing surfaces. 
Access Door to Working Parts for ease of servicing.

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