Loopers and Spreaders for Reece Button Hole Machines


Since 1893 Puritan Industries has manufactured for world wide use high speed heavy duty industrial stitching machines and genuine service replacement parts.  For many years Puritan has also manufactured HIGH QUALITY PRECISION LOOPERS and SPREADERS exclusively for the Reece Corporation for use in their newly manufactured Model 101 & Model 104 Buttonhole Machines and in their service replacement parts program.

These same Puritan loopers and Spreaders that helped build the fine reputation of the Reece Model 101 & Model 104 Buttonhole Machines are now available directly from Puritan through Puritan's distribution system.  They are GENUINE AMERICAN MADE to strictest O.E.M. specifications.

These Puritan Loopers and Spreaders provide long service life because they are made of the finest high strength alloy steels and they are specially heat treated for extreme toughness.  Combine these features with meticulous hand finishing and polishing operations together with 100% inspection to insure compliance with very tight dimensional and micro finish specifications and you truly have a quality, superior product with a long service life.


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